I am terrible at writing marketing copy, yet the selection of fibres and tools is wonderful.
The Puhas lammas webshop is going on hiatus at the end of June!

Last orders:
  • 15% off on all orders using the FU discount code
  • 10% of all sales donated to Estonian queer orgs
  • there are plenty of Peruvian spindles to be had
  • a great selection of fibres
  • plus unlisted yet available
    • Ashford and Golden Fleece carders hand carders
    • Valkyrie combs
    • Golden Fleece blending boards and carding cloth
    • Kromski lazy kates, niddy noddies and nostepinnes
    • Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle looms
    • Estonian-made niddy noddies and high-whorl spindles
    • natural dyes
    • more fleece in hiding
  • Shipping:
    • 12€ flat rate for Europe
    • 25€ flat rate for the US